About CAI

CAI was formed in 1999 to provide training for law enforcement officers in the little known field of specialized building entries (lock picking and lock systems bypassing). Our movement toward training military special operations personnel in 2007 led to more advanced courses in covert building entry skills and related subjects.

Some highlights of the company are as follows:

Professional and Experienced Staff:

All of our staff are actively involved in their respective areas of expertise.

Over 120 years combined law enforcement and military experience.

Key personnel have government security clearances.

All employees are military and/or law enforcement veterans to include a lead technical investigator for a major metropolitan police department, a retired SWAT commander with over 25 years operational experience, and retired special operations personnel.


Since 1999 Carey & Associates International has specialized in providing training to civilian and military law enforcement officers, as well as military special operations and explosive ordnance disposal personnel, on the subject of specialized or stealth building entries.

To date we have trained over 4000 law enforcement and military personnel from 415 federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies as well as units from the various special operations components of the U.S. military and EOD technicians from the US Marines, US Army, and US Air Force.

Facility Security Assessments & Risk Assessments:

Our personnel have conducted facility and site security assessments, as well as risk assessments, both domestically and internationally. Locations have included secondary schools, universities, hospitals, recreational facilities, corporate office facilities, and guest houses.