Stealth Building Entry Training

Operators at all levels frequently have to gain entry to buildings to resolve high risk events or conduct direct action missions. EOD personnel frequently need to gain access to secured spaces and locked containers when conducting bomb sweeps.

Our Stealth Building Entry Course focuses on teaching operators how to get into a target building with little or no noise allowing them to take full advantage of the element of surprise. Skills taught range from picking locks to bypassing lock systems to facilitate entry into residential, commercial, and government buildings. Students are introduced to commercially available tools as well as improvised tools made from common items.

Our instructors have tactical and investigative experience using the skills we teach.

If you would like a complete course description, comments from former students, a list of agencies represented in previous courses, or would like to discuss specific operational training needs please send an e-mail requesting the desired information from a government e-mail server.

Our Stealth Building Entry Training is offered only to bonafide active duty military special operations personnel, military EOD personnel, law enforcement officers and technicians, and others determined to have a “need to know” and possessing appropriate security clearances.