Covert Building Entry Training

Our Covert Entry (CE) training focuses on teaching operators to gain access to a target building or vehicle, carry out objectives on target, then depart undetected. We teach a broad spectrum of proven skills and techniques intended to leverage on the side of success for the entry operator. The course is modular in format and can be modified and customized to meet specific customer needs. There is a strong emphasis on pre-entry intelligence gathering, target site vulnerability assessment, and sound entry planning.

All of our CE instructors have prior military and law enforcement experience with over
500 combined operational entries.

If you would like a complete course description, comments from former students, a list of agencies represented in previous courses, or would like to discuss specific operational training needs in the area of CE please send an e-mail requesting the desired information from a government e-mail server.

Our CE training is offered only to bonafide active duty military special operations personnel, military EOD personnel, law enforcement officers and technicians, and others determined to have a “need to know” and possessing appropriate security clearances.